Would you like to play or just would like a demonstration to see what Pickleball is like? It will cost you nothing. One of our members will contact you and set up a time for you to come out and see what all the commotion is about. Please go to Burke Centre Pickleball New Player Signup and provide us with your contact information.

New prospective members are allowed to play free with us for five times to make sure that they are happy with how BCPA operates and that they feel comfortable playing with us. If after playing several times you found that you liked playing with us, please consider joining the BCPA.

The Burke Centre Pickleball Association (BCPA) is a Chartered club under the auspices of the Burke Centre Conservancy. As such, membership is required to continue playing with us. Contact any Board member to let them know you are ready to join. You will get an email with the details of joining. The Board has set the membership fee at $30/person annually starting at the beginning of the calendar year.

*** N O T I C E * * *

We apologize that currently we can only accept Burke Centre residents as members. Due to our bylaws and the requirements to maintain our Chartered status with Burke Centre Conservancy, we must maintain a 50% membership from Burke Centre. As more Burke Centre residents join this will open additional slots for non-BC residents. You may enroll here, and we will contact you when those slots open up.