Rating Descriptions

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Rating?
Player ratings are used to group players by ability levels so that players can compete in leagues or tournaments, with other similar abilities. Keep in mind that this will never be a perfect system. But ratings should improve most players chances of experiencing enjoyable competitive matches, as well as enhancing safety for all participants.

What is a Rated Event?
A rated event is defined as any Pickleball event, where a Rating Level for entry is stipulated. Examples of rated events would be: Men’s 3.5 Doubles, Ladies 2.5 Doubles, or 4.0 Mixed Doubles. Please note there are events for every level of rating, including Beginners who are non rated.
The Tournament Director of each event makes the final decision on whether or not a player is eligible.

Why Do I Need a Rating?
Rated players may enter “non-rated” events which are classed as “Open”. However, they may only enter “rated events” no lower than their own current rating. Example a player rated 4.0 cannot enter an event for 3.5 or 3.0 or 2.5 players.

How Do I Get a Rating?
You must attend a Rating clinic, at which the ratings Committee will evaluate your play and assign you a rating.


1.0. Beginner

1.5 Beginner

2.0 Beginner

2.5 Advanced Beginner

3.0 Intermediate

3.5 Advanced Intermediate

4.0 Advanced

4.5 Advanced Tournament Level

5.0 Champion Level