BCPA Winter/Spring League

A huge thank you to all the participants in the first ever BCPA Pickleball League. Unfortunately, the events this winter prevented a full season of play, as it did for all sports but we are happy to report that we did hold our season ending playoffs.

All in all we had 6 men and 7 women participate in the Semi-Final and Final rounds of Pickleball action. The pace was fast and furious and the competition was stiff. Overall the performance of everyone has improved greatly in the past year. Playing in tournaments and leagues only helps to improve your game. So keep up the great work and we hope to see even more people joining the league.

Below are the results. Congratulations to all the medalists and our hats off to everyone who played in the playoffs as well as during the league play.

Below are the results of the Playoffs and all that participated.

We hope to start up another league this summer, ending in the Fall. So keep an eye out for the announcement.

  • League Participants
  • (final rank order)
  • Men
  • 1-Max Sinthortham
  • 2-Craig Offutt
  • 3-Adam Copeland
  • 4-Ed Verchot
  • 5-Bill Kennerley
  • 6-Robert Lynch
  • 7-Joe Tipton
  • 8-Gary Hill
  • 9-Paul Selent
  • 10-Randall Prior
  • NR-David Berkowitz
  • NR-Jack England
  • NR-Ed Gelman
  • NR-Larry Long
  • NR-Harry Sheinfield
  • NR-John Simpson
  • League Participants
  • (final rank order)
  • Women
  • 1-Carmen Kindlimann
  • 2-Laura Huffman
  • 3-Susan Mulinari
  • 4-Jackie Berkowitz
  • 5-Karen Panos
  • 6-Dawn Hill
  • 7-Cathy England
  • NR-Mary Abney
  • NR-Christine Carlock
  • NR-Annie Davidow
  • NR-Yumi Jarris
  • NR-Beverly Magida
  • NR-Telma Marroig
  • NR-Carolyn Rapoza
  • League Playoff Participants
  • Men
  • Craig Offutt
  • Ed Verchot
  • Bill Kennerley
  • Paul Selent
  • Randall Prior
  • Jack England
  • Women
  • Carmen Kindlimann
  • Laura Huffman
  • Jackie Berkowitz
  • Karen Panos
  • Dawn Hill
  • Cathy England
  • Telma Marroig
  • League Playoff Finalists
  • Men’s Rotational
  • First Place - Craig Offutt
  • Second Place – Ed Verchot
  • Third - Bill Kennerley
  • Fourth - Paul Selent
  • Women’s Rotational
  • First Place - Laura Huffman
  • Second Place - Jackie Berkowitz
  • Third - Karen Panos
  • Fourth - Carmen Kindlimann
  • Men’s Doubles
  • First Place - Jack England/Bill Kennerley
  • Second Place - Paul Selent/Ed Verchot
  • Women’s Doubles
  • First Place - Jackie Berkowitz/Dawn Hill
  • Second Place - Laura Huffman/Karen Panos
  • Mixed Doubles
  • First Place - Laura Huffman/Bill Kennerley
  • Second Place - Cathy England/Jack England

Men Double
Men Double Finalists

Men Rotation
Men Rotation Finalists

Mixed Double
Mixed Double Finalists

Women Double
Women Double Finalists

Women Rotation
Women Rotation Finalists