The History of Burke Centre Pickleball Association (BCPA)

Spring of 2017 - Several Burke Centre residents started a conversation on Next Door Neighbor sharing their interest in Pickleball. Some had played while on vacation in Florida or Arizona or friends had encouraged them to try this fast-growing sport. Burke Centre Trustees received several inquiries about use of tennis courts for pickleball but tabled the idea as it was not clear there was enough interest.

Patti Stevens and Pat Trate, residents of the Oaks, started playing Pickleball when they visited Ocean Pines MD and wanted to play with their neighbors in Burke. Seeing the interest expressed on NextDoor, they decided to order a portable net and mark temporary lines with chalk on an underused basketball court near the Oaks Pool.

They posted an invitation for people to come out and try it out on June 21, 2017. Eight people showed up the first week and participation grew rapidly over the summer. A proposal was presented to Burke Centre Trustees at their July meeting requested that they mark several tennis courts for dual use.

In August 2017 Burke Centre agreed to mark two courts at the Landings as a pilot and to track the utilization. Community volunteers set up a website and sign up genius for three weekly sessions and by Fall more than 65 people were playing regularly. On November 11, the new courts were dedicated by Burke Centre Landings Trustee John Mills-Hearn and clinics were offered for new players by USAPA Ambassadors Helen White and Ron Tugwell and their spouses. Play continued through the winter , including on New Years Day, and after snow in February 2018, with players shoveling the courts to enjoy a few rounds of play.

In August of 2018, the pilot was approved, and Burke Centre agreed to line two more courts at the Woods. Burke Centre residents organized and submitted a request to become chartered under Burke Centre. On December 13, 2018, the first meeting of the Burke Centre Pickleball Association occurred where the elected a Board of Directors, established their by-laws and became the first organized Pickleball club in Northern Virginia.

First Board of Directors

President – Gary Hill
Secretary – Wayne Chiles
Treasurer – Mary Abney
Registrar – Fred Rothe
Webmaster – Jon Weber