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15 October 2022 Tournament Results

The tournament was open to all current and former club members. We had 24 total participants.

We were using all 6 of the lined Pickleball courts for the tournament and still had two courts available for open play, which both were in use for most of the morning. Thanks to everyone that helped setup up the nets, clear the leaves off the court and generally helped to get us ready to play. Everyone had a great time and there was lots of great pickleball action. You can catch the highlights on ESPN BCPA some time in the near future (just kidding). This was our second Club Tournament but we have had several League tournaments in the past, this was the first one on our lined pickleball courts. Maybe one day we’ll have dedicated courts. It will make it so much easier to not have to set up all the nets.

Men’s DoublesWomen’s DoublesMixed Doubles
  • 1st Place - Max Sinthorntham-Mark Egber
  • 2nd Place – Mike Baldi-Tony Baldi
  • 3rd Place – Bill Kennerley-Jack England
  • 1st Place – Jackie Berkowitz-Carolyn Rapoza
  • 2nd Place – Mary Abney-Cathy England
  • 1st Place – Pam Patterson-Max Sinthorntham
  • 2nd Place – Jackie Berkowitz-Bruce Wilkinson
  • 3rd Place – Cathy England-Mike Baldi

Here are pictures of the winners.

Mens Doubles
Men Doubles

Womens Doubles
Women Doubles

Mixed Doubles
Mixed Doubles