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BCPA League Information

The 2023-24 BCPA Winter League will run from Nov 1 2023 thru 16 Mar 2024 for BCPA members only. The playoffs will begin thereafter, weather permitting.

Sign up for the Winter League (Register) using the information gathering form or you can see AJ or Christine and give them your info. League play is Men Rotational and Women Rotational. Playoffs are Men and Women Rotational, Men, Women and Mixed Doubles. The League Guidelines and playoff format will be emailed to everyone that signed up prior to the league beginning. All questions can be directed to Andy. He will be there the day the league begins, giving the clinic, or by contacting him via his email: Andy Forsyth.

To sign up for League Matches select Saturday, Wednesday, Monday, and Sunday play dates. Remember, you must be a registered League player to sign up for a League Match - use the link above to do so. You must be a BCPA member to register.

The format for the rotational play is basically the same as we have used in the past. Scores are kept on a scorecard.

Blank score sheets are in the lockers at the Landings and the Woods. Any time your team is there and another team is there, play a match and record your results. If there are four players in the league but they are not your normal partners, then play a rotational league match (four men or four women).

As a reminder in rotational play, play all 3 games each with a different partner. In team play, play best 2 of 3 games. Be sure to record the results on the score sheets and place them in the results folder.

We will be announcing the semi-final playoffs that will start at the end of the regular play and the finals soon after that.

The main purpose of the League is to promote competition to help improve your overall play. In order to do well in the league you should practice more (go to our Instruction page and open the Drills PDF) and watch online videos (Youtube) of tournament games and watch what they are doing and learn. There are even online lessons and how to practice videos as well.

Rotational matches, Men's, Women's and Mixed Doubles can be played in any suitable order during League play.

You may play in the Rotational division and two other divisions if you like.

Ratings - The USAPA has established ratings and assessment sheets for Pickleball players to determine their skill level. Once you have assessed your current skills and rating, you can consider the requirements to meet the next skill level up and determine what elements of your game to practice and improve.