New Board Member - 24 Aug 2022

A Board member has just been replaced. Jon Weber has taken over President for John Vaught who stepped down for personal reasons.


Effective March 9, 2022, we’ve suspended membership and seasonal passes to non-Burke Centre residents. Only BCPA members and current seasonal pass holders will be permitted to play.

Clinics and Leagues:

Burke Centre Festival

Burke Centre Festival on 10 Sep 2022 a success. Its unfortunate that the 11 Sep day was rained out. Those volunteers working at the Midway Games reported how wonderful it was to see the kids joy at the games. Booth volunteers did a great job talking about pickleball and signing up pages of new player prospects. We would like to give a big THANK YOU to all of the volunteers, even those who were scheduled but unused. Most of the sign-ups are beginners with no experience in pickleball. Accordingly, the Board is starting by working with Andy to run Beginner Clinics. The sign-up people will be invited to attend these clinics as we announce them. There will be follow-up play sessions as well.


Andy Forsyth would like to set up a club tournament for Oct 15 or 22. Please send him an email if you are interested.

New Locks and Keys Costing $25 since June 13, 2022

The Burke Centre Conservancy re-keyed the tennis/pickleball courts based on recommendations proposed by the Tennis Court Task Force (TCTF) and approved by the Board of Trustees. The locks will be re-keyed every two years. The locks were also reinforced to stave off jamming and jimmying. Burke Centre residents can purchase a key by completing a new fillable application on the Burke Centre website.

Residents who purchased an old key within 6 months of new locks being installed will be eligible to pay a reduced fee of $5 for the new key with proof of purchase date. Residents that purchased keys before January 13, 2022 will not be eligible for a reduced fee.