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Tentative Dates/Times for clinics by Andy

    Signups will be announced shortly.

The results and pictures of the winners of the 15 Oct 2023 tournament are posted.

Summer League 2023

The rotational and playoff results as well as pictures of most of the winners are posted.

Winter League 2023-2024

Winter League 2023-24 signups are available.

Equipment Lockers

The combinations of the lockers at both the Woods and Landings were changed on Sunday 14 Jan 2024. The new combinations will be given only to court-key-holding Burke Centre Conservancy members who are BCPA members and request them since they are the only ones who hold keys to the locations. Please support your fellow BCPA members by making sure that our equipment is only used by dues-paying members of BCPA and continuing to make sure all equipment is properly stored and secured at the end of each session.

2023 Burke Centre Festival

The Burke Centre Festival was September 9-10. It was a successful event in spite of the rain. A big THANK YOU to all of our volunteers.

Sweepstakes Drawing Winners
T-ShirtCindy Shea
Allison Ickovic
PaddlesJacob Koewler
Roberta Katz
CDs (Vols 1&2)Ben Utech
James Walkinshaw

Playtime Scheduler

BCPA is encouraging all members in good standing, annual and seasonal, to register for a free account with Playtime Scheduler and use it consistently. We are using this online app so member players can see who and how many are playing, and whether a keyholder is going to be at a playing session. You can download instructions for registering as well as a help manual. Those who are already using the Scheduler are very pleased with it.


A confirmed reservation of the courts can only be done using the TennisCall App. Only Burke Centre residents may do so. Download the BURKE CENTRE CONSERVANCY TENNIS & PICKLEBALL RESERVATION POLICY for an explanation of how the system works.


At this time, we’ve suspended membership to non-Burke Centre residents, however, seasonal passes are available for purchase by non-residents.

Court Keys Cost $25

The Burke Centre Conservancy requires a key to enter the tennis/pickleball courts. The Court locks will be re-keyed every two years. The locks have been reinforced to stave off jamming and jimmying. Burke Centre residents can purchase a key by completing a new fillable application on the Burke Centre website.