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Board Elections

BCPA Board Elections completed on Sunday noon 19 March 2023. Your new BCPA Board has been constituted and is shown on our Contacts page. Board members are always open to suggestions from the members of BCPA.

Playtime Scheduler

BCPA is encouraging all members in good standing, annual and seasonal, to register for a free account with Playtime Scheduler. We will be using this online app as a means for member players to know who, how many, and whether a court key holder is going to be at a playing session. You can download the instructions for doing so as well as the help manual. Those who are using the Scheduler are very pleased with it.


At this time, we’ve suspended membership to non-Burke Centre residents, however, seasonal passes are available for purchase.

Clinics and Leagues:

The 2023 BCPA Summer League will run from May 27 thru Aug 31 2023 for BCPA members only.

Sign up using the information gathering form or you can see AJ or Christine and give them your info. The playoffs will begin Sept 2 and finish Sept 16, weather permitting. League play is Men Rotational and Women Rotational. Playoffs are Men and Women Rotational, Men, Women and Mixed Doubles. The League Guidelines and playoff format will be emailed to everyone that signed up prior to the league beginning. All questions can be directed to Andy. He will be there the day the league begins, giving the clinic, or by contacting him via his email: Andy Forsyth.

BCPA is offering Beginner Clinics on Saturdays, May 27 and June 24 at 10:30 am at the Landings. This clinic is for players new to Pickleball and will cover basic rules, scoring, ball striking, and strategy. Please let us know if you have a paddle or need to borrow one for the clinic (we have several loaners).

BCPA is offering Intermediate Clinics on Saturdays at 9:30 am at the Landings. These clinics only available to paid members and seasonal players will cover:

We now using Signup Genius Logo to register for these clinics. Currently we are limiting clinics to eight (8) participants.

Future clinics are anticipated on a monthly basis on a TBD Saturday morning of the month. Watch this location for future reference.

New Locks and Keys Costing $25 since June 13, 2022

The Burke Centre Conservancy re-keyed the tennis/pickleball courts based on recommendations proposed by the Tennis Court Task Force (TCTF) and approved by the Board of Trustees. The locks will be re-keyed every two years. The locks were also reinforced to stave off jamming and jimmying. Burke Centre residents can purchase a key by completing a new fillable application on the Burke Centre website.

Residents who purchased an old key within 6 months of new locks being installed will be eligible to pay a reduced fee of $5 for the new key with proof of purchase date. Residents that purchased keys before January 13, 2022 will not be eligible for a reduced fee.