A Chartered amenity to the Burke Centre community and surrounding areas.


As a prospective member, you can play free with us two times to make sure that you’re happy with how BCPA operates and that you’re comfortable playing with us.

Members are covered by our Charter-required insurance during BCPA official play times designated on our Home page. If you play a pick-up game during non-official times our insurance does not cover you.

Steps to Registering:

  1. Use the New Player button below to complete the Burke Centre Pickleball New Player Signup form. Look for an email from Burkepickleball@gmail.com regarding membership fees and how to pay them.
  2. After you have paid your membership fees, please register for a free Playtime Scheduler account following the downloadable instructions on the News page.
  3. Please note that all members must fill out a Waiver form to complete the registering process. When you get the email from one of our Board members to pay, you will also get a copy of or a link to the Waiver.

New Player

Burke Center Pickleball Association has been registered into the Pickleball Central Club Rewards program.

You get a 5% discount on all items purchased there when you make an order at  Pickleball Central using our club's code: CRBurke. Another 5% of the purchase price goes into BCPA's "club fund" (an annual gift card) that BCPA can use to purchase supplies like pickleballs and loaner paddles! That's a win-win.

Please do not post our club’s discount code on coupon websites such as Knoji.com, CouponsFire.com, RetailMeNot.com, CouponCodes4U.com, or any other coupon site. This includes posting comments on public social media accounts and public forums such as Reddit. Our Club Rewards discount code is a private club code and not to be shared with the general public. If our code is posted on a coupon website, found on a public social media comment, or posted on a public forum no credit will be given for any purchases made during the time it was posted and our code will be inactive until it has been removed.