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Tournament Results

14 Sep 2019 - The First BCPA Tournament took place. There were Men's, Women's, and Mixed brackets. Here are the details of the tournament. It was a beautiful clear day with little or no wind. Everyone gave it their all to try to be the first team to win the first ever Burke Centre Pickleball Association Club Tournament.

Men's DoublesWomen's DoublesMixed Doubles
First – Max Sinthorntham and Adam CopelandFirst – Jacki Berkowitz and Carolyn RapozaFirst – Max and Ngoc Sinthorntham
Second – Ed Gelman and Craig OffuttSecond – Dawn T Hill and Mary AbneySecond – Ed Gelman and Thelma Marroig

Congrats to the winning teams and runner ups. And thanks to all who participated. And also thanks to our volunteer Line judges and Referees. Some who were participants in the Tournament and a couple who were not able to play but helped out as well.

First Tournament Photos

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