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Beginners Clinic

Situation and Rules

Unusual Situation The ball is returned in a high or medium high lob and just goes over the net. The ball has enough back spin or wind push to allow it to bounce back over the net without being struck by the opponent. What is the call? The rally is won by the last team that touches the ball. So even though it returns to the team that struck it, they have won the rally. Point or side out.

  1. New rule - You can no longer intentionally CARRY the ball. If you make contact with the ball and fling it over the net with a push motion it is no longer allowed. This is usually done when returning a high lob or a soft dink and you carry it up and over the net without a striking motion. You must strike the ball. If it hits your paddle more than one time as long as it is a continuous motion and you have struck the ball it is legal. Same goes if it hits your hand below the wrist and then the paddle one or more times.
  2. New rule - If you hit the ball into the top of the net and it trickles over the net and hits the cross bar at the bottom of the net, it is an automatic replay. Regardless of if the opponents were at the back of the court or too far away to retrieve the ball.
  3. Modified rule - Let serves are now good if it lands in the serving area.
  4. Modified rule - A bounce and serve is now legal. However, the ball must be dropped, it cannot be tossed up or down. It can be struck with the paddle without restrictions with upward motion and below the wrist just like hitting it out of the air.

For the rest of the Clinic Lesson, refer to the Clinic notes from 30 Mar 2019.