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BCPA Summer/Fall 2020 League Results

Congratulations to all the medalists and our hats off to everyone who played in the playoffs as well as during the league play. Below are the results of the Playoffs and all that participated.

Men Participants in league ending rankingWomen Participants in league ending ranking
  1. Jack England
  2. Gustava Calera
  3. John Vaught
  4. Bill Kennerley
  5. Mike Baldi
  6. Tony Baldi
  7. Mike Janniro
  8. Gary Hill
  9. Steve Post
  1. Laura Huffman
  2. Jackie Berkowitz
  3. Carmen Kindlimann
  4. Cathy England
  5. Shima Vosti
  6. Mary Abney
  7. Amy Baldi
  8. Dawn T Hill
  9. Carolyn Rapoza
  10. Karen Panos
  11. Telma Marroig

Summer Fall League Results

Men’s Rotational
First – Jack England
Second – Gustavo Calero
Womens Rotational
First – Laura Huffman
Second – Mary Abney
Men’s Doubles
First – Jack England and Bill Kennerley
Second – Tony Baldi and John Vaught
Women’s Doubles
First – Laura Huffman and Karen Panos
Second – Jackie Berkowitz and Carolyn Rapoza
Mixed Doubles
First – Cathy and Jack England
Second – Laura Huffman and Bill Kennerley

Mens Doubles Winners
Mens Doubles Winners

Mens Rotational Winners
Mens Rotational Winners

Womens Doubles Winners
Womens Doubles Winners

Womens Rotational Winners
Womens Rotational Winners

Mixed Doubles Winners
Mixed Doubles Winners