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BCPA Summer/Fall 2023 League Results

Congratulations to all the medalists and our hats off to everyone who played in the playoffs as well as during the league play. Below are the results of the Playoffs and all that participated.

Rotational Play

Men Participants in league ending rankingWomen Participants in league ending ranking
  1. Atticus Mellor-Goldman
  2. Matthew Song
  3. Doo Cheon
  4. Mike Baldi
  5. Tony Hicks
  6. Constatine Milas
  7. Jeff McDaniels
  8. Jim Reetz
  9. Bob Gousy
  10. Jason Chu
  11. Ed Verchot
  12. Wyatt Murphy
  13. John Simpson
  14. Jake Avedissian
  15. Bill Meskill
  16. Kenny Lee
  17. PJ Bannon
  18. A.J. Donelson
  19. Craig Cook
  1. Laura Huffman
  2. Diane Schwab
  3. Mary Abney
  4. Kay Porter
  5. Mee Kim
  6. Joy Kim
  7. Nia Wright
  8. Cathy England
  9. Simar Singh
  10. Carolyn Rapoza
  11. Dawn Hicks
  12. Zhaohui Zhang
  13. Lillie Van Meter
  14. Amanda Larsen
  15. Morena Aleman
  16. Shima Vosti
  17. Jenny de Carvalho
  18. Mary McDaniels
  19. Nam Minji
  20. Christine Carlock

Summer Fall League Playoff Results

Men’s Doubles
First – Atticus MG & Doo C Second – Matt S & Mike B Third - Jason C & Kenny L
Women’s Doubles
First – Diane S & Mee K Second – Mary A & Cathy E Third - Amanda L & Kay P
Mixed Doubles
First – Mee K & Doo C Second – Laura H & Jim R Third - Zhaohui Z & Matt S

Rotational Winners Photos

Men Medals Men Ribbons
Men Medals Men Ribbons
Women Medals and Andy Women Ribbons
Women Medals and Andy Women Ribbons

Playoff Winners Photos

Men Gold Silver Men Bronze
Men Gold-Silver Men Bronze
Women Gold silver
Women Gold Silver
Mixed Gold Mixed Bronze
Mixed Gold Mixed Bronze