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BCPA Winter/Spring 2020 League Information

There is a tab for each group in the Winter/Spring 2020 League Results spreadsheet - Mens Doubles, Womens Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Mens Rotational, Womens Rotational.

Winter/Spring 2020 League Results with photos.

Blank score sheets are in the lockers at the Cove and the Woods. Any time your team is there and another team is there, play a match and record your results. If there are four players in the league but they are not your normal partners, then play a rotational league match (four men or four women).

As a reminder in rotational play, play all 3 games each with a different partner. In team play, play best 2 of 3 games. Be sure to record the results on the score sheets and place them in the results folder.

We will be announcing the semi-final playoffs that will start in early May and the finals soon after that.

While the Winter Pickleball League has had some play during December and January, now that the weather will be improving we will begin to see lots more League play. The main purpose of the League is to promote competition to help improve your overall play. In order to do well in the league you should practice more (go to our Instruction page and open the Drills PDF) and watch online videos (Youtube) of tournament games and watch what they are doing and learn. There are even online lessons and how to practice videos as well.

The League will run through the end of April. While only the Rotational matches have been played, Men's, Women's and Mixed Doubles can also now be played. So if you have not chosen a partner yet below is the list of all the League participants and who they are partnered with as of 15 Mar 2020. When you decide who you want as your partner please let Andy Forsyth know when you see him. He'll also be asking around when he's there as well.

You may play in the Rotational division and two other divisions if you like.

David Berkowitz
Adam Copeland
Jack EnglandCathy England
Ed Gelman
Gary HillRobert LynchDawn T Hill
Bill KennerleyLaura Huffman
Larry Long
Robert LynchGary Hill
Joe Tipton
Craig OffuttMary Abney
Randall Prior
Harry Sheinfield
John Simpson
Max Sinthortham
Ed Verchot
Mary AbneyCraig Offutt
Christine Carlock
Annie DavidowYumi Jarris
Cathy EnglandJack England
Dawn T HillGary Hill
Laura HuffmanBill Kennerley
Yumi JarrisAnnie Davidow
Carmen Kindlimann
Beverly Magida
Telma Marroig
Susan Mulinari
Karen Panos

Also, we will be holding more clinics in the Spring, on some Saturdays, when the weather improves. Announcements will be made and Meetup notices sent out.

Gary mentioned in his latest news about a rule change (The serve into the Kitchen) that turned out to NOT be a rule change. Andy was told about thes "rule change" by someone he thought to be a reliable source. So in the future when he hears of a rule change or if anyone else does, it would be best to research the official rules at the USAPA to make sure it is correct to make sure no one is misinformed. (Lesson learned).

Gary also noted the request for comments about the proposal to convert one of the tennis courts to Pickleball only. See his email for more information and who to send comments.